Fast, accurate sound. That’s a tough thing for me to hear and absorb vs the amount of noise that is out there. A23 vs 2125 v2 tr Have them both. Feb 7, 2003 #2 of 10 Parasound makes very musical and warm sounding amps and you should be happy with their sound. I purchased the Parasound A23 amd with the P3 preamp and the T3 tuner with a pair of Paridigm 60/v2 speakers. The amp feels only slightly warm to the touch after hours of listening at festive levels. Trickle-down JC circuit and technology it seems. A23 was a cut-down design (all derivatives of the JC design) of the A21 with 12 output transistors (so smaller heat sink), 40kuf capacitors and 1kva transformer just like in the Hint. Parasound (A23) or Monoprice Monolith (made by ATI) Thinking of buying either the Parasound A23 or one of the Monoprice Monolith amps to drive front left and right Sierra 2's as a replacement for the Emotiva UPA2 I am currently using. Received the Parasound A23+ 2ch amplifier, Bought it to test and evaluate with some custom speakers to sample different amps. I’m not going to kid you: In spite of family resemblances, the Parasound Halo A 21 is not as “good” as either of the two ten-to-twenty-times-moreexpensive Class AB super-amps. I have been listening to the Parasound P6 and A23+ combo with Martin Logan Motion 60 speakers. The A23 was not considered one of the best efforts at Parasound. About 80/20 music / movies. Parasound NewClassic Model 2100 Preamplifier & Model 2125 Amplifier An ... and even Parasound with the Halo P3/A23 combo at just $350 more) but the amount of features and connection options it offers make it truly unique. adelanto unas fotos de la juntada de hoy con el nuevo chiche de javierandres (a23) mano a mano con mi viejita holimar amf 150 pre krell kav 250p dac cambridge magic plus cables monster interlink 300 mk2 (dac-pre) y … Discuss: Parasound Halo A 23 - power amplifier Sign in to comment. Unusually, this also features a (high pass) crossover that can be switched into circuit. High bias Class A/AB operation. I started this back in January and should update everyone that I did go with the Parasound. Re. f0rge Post subject: Re: Parasound A23+ vs. Emotiva XPA-DR2. Not really needed. Never heard an Emotiva amp. Switchable tone controls, too. And it seems they both can be used as a mono amp if i bridge each amplier. The second amp I have never had a problem with. Parasound was founded in 1981 by Richard Schram, and the company has been offering audio products under their own name as well as for OEM sales since then. Will give you a slice of the 3d smooth sound of tubes and the option to change the sound to your liking by swapping them if you need. Parasound is surprisingly good stuff. Thanks for reading, parasound a23 vs holimar amf 150. por atto » Sab, 20 Feb 2016, 04:08 . Parasound Halo A23+ Stereo Power Amplifier Shipping now More information to follow. Already exceeding expectations. This new incarnation of Parasound's endeavour to learn, improve and upgrade performance for the HALO range is a testament to the dedication they have done historically with all products. Tumblr Grupo de Facebook Facebook . After soliciting some advice here and considering various brands and models, I decided on the Parasound A23. The first amp started making hideous noises within an hour of listening but getting another one from my dealer calling Parasound was not a problem at all. Comparing to SS amps at 2-2.5x the price. The A23+ builds on the phenomenal performance of the A23. Likes: pozz and vavan. … Top . There’s a dedicated preamp feed too. FAQ; Desconectarte [ Bing [Bot] ] Yogi Screenwriter. Posted: Sun Jan 20, … Features include c ircuitry designed by legendary John Curl, upgraded power output, transformer, filter capacitance, internal connections, speaker terminals and cosmetics. I’m thinking of dipping my feet into the Parasound pool. After soliciting some advice here and considering various brands and models, I decided on the Parasound A23. The sound has been superb. The A21 had the 16 output transistor, 88kuf capacitors and 1.2kva transformer configuration. The Parasound A23 is a lousy amplifier. Parasound Halo A23 Stereo Amplifier Review In light of our slow shift toward two channel audio (no, we are not abandoning personal audio), I decided it would be a good idea to start with something basic, like a stereo amplifier. Parasound Halo A23 Stereo Amplifier Review In light of our slow shift toward two channel audio (no, we are not abandoning personal audio), I decided it would be a good idea to start with something basic, like a stereo amplifier. Now that I’m in a better position financially, I’ll give them another shot. I had a Parasound 2250 v1 and it was a nice solid amp but not in the same league as the A23 which is a Class A/AB Halo amp designed by John Curl. Features The Halo A 23+ stereo power amplifier ($1495 USD) measures 17.25”W x 4.2”H x 15.25”D and weighs 27 pounds. 400 wpc at 4 ohms vs 200 in the Halo. Parasound A23 + P3 vs. NAD C372. I compared the Parasound Halo A 23 with the Rotel RB-1582 MkII amplifier ($1599), a sample of which I had on hand. Got it. Parasound A-21 vs. Adcom GFA-5802 Which amp is better? It's still more than enough for your speakers. I know the Halos are spec’d better, but the 2250 has twice the power. Parasound calls the Halo Integrated a 2.1 channel amplifier. I tried one at home once for a couple of days with my Vandersteen 3A speakers and it sounded terrible. Tu última visita fue: Sab, 28 Nov 2020, 16:38 Fecha actual Sab, 28 Nov 2020, 16:38 Índice general; EQUIPAMIENTO; Amplificadores; Buscar. This A23+ is stout. Parasound’s new Halo A 23+ power amplifier is the new successor to the highly regarded A23. Right now I’m considering buying a used 2250 or A23. They’re the same price. A sweet choice and a good technical match would be the Rogue Audio RH-5 headphone / linestage amplifier combined with the Parasound a23+. Also your Paradigms are pretty easy to drive so if it was me, I would get the Halo A23 even if it is less power. Sep 16, 2020 #8. Intermodulation 13+14kHz test. The only others that I liked more were the 805D3 and Olymica I books but they were $4k more. Same goes for the P6 preamp. Meet the Halo A 23+ and enjoy performance upgrades for cleaner, ultra-low distortion sound, revised front panel cosmetics, and a revised rear panel layout offering enhanced features, too. Mono blocked they are an upgrade from my Marantz 7010 or my ATI 1505. A NAD C326 is a better amplifier. Now i found out that the parasasound A23 are AC switchable (110V60Hz-230V50Hz) and i can get 2 for $900, after adding taxes/postage i could get 2 for about 900 GBPs(used parasound A 21 will set me back 1100GBPS). Parasound P5 preamp measurements. Parasound P3/A23 review This pre/power amp duo boasts a sound performance that adds extra dimension to vocals By Richard Black 20 July 2010. By bkevind, March 14, 2018 in 2-Channel Home Audio. bkevind 146 bkevind 146 Forum Veteran; Regulars; 146 … Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Haven't heard the A21 but I did own an A23 for a few weeks. Parasound has established close and long-term relationships, some spanning more than three decades, with contract manufacturers in Taiwan, which are responsible for the manufacturing. THD vs. frequency . Headphone output comes in handy late at night so I don't disturb sleepers. Shares. Terrible amp, I would not recommend the newer Parasound Halo series. That would get me 2 mono amps with 400W RMS each at 8 Ohms. The signature of my sound remains the horns but they are certainly benefitting from good clean articulate signal. The Halo A23+ stereo power amplifier that I am currently reviewing is Parasound’s recent iteration of its popular Halo A23 amplifier. The Rotel costs $604 more than the Parasound and puts out more power: 200Wpc into 8 ohms vs. the A 23’s 125Wpc. On the one hand I`ve heard a lot claims about Adcom`s quality. The A23+ has improved components and can deliver more power than its predecessor. What the A 21 is is a very fine amplifier at an exceptionally fair price—more lifelike, I think, than much of its more expensive Class D … However, I now have a shot at a used Classe CA-2300 and am very seriously considering it. With 160 W per channel into 8-ohm and 240 W per channel into 4-ohm loads, this is a beefier amplifier than its slim look suggests. Joined Jul 25, 2002 Messages 1,741 Reaction score 0 Points 0. It has outputs for a subwoofer and the option to set the crossover frequency. The A23+ is a very impressive amp for the price. Parasound A23. Parasound emphasizes that their products are supported from their San Francisco headquarters, and at dozens of authorized service centers across the US. I want to replace my GFA-5500 and i have two alternatives: Parasound A-21 or Adcom GFA-5802. Parasound already brings listeners heavenly sound, but its halo now shines more beautifully than ever with its brand new version of the Halo A 23 two-channel power amplifier. Parasound does not specialize in ultra high end products, but has a reputation of manufacturing high quality audio components viewed by both the audio industry and consumers alike as excellent "value plays". I’m a tube amp guy, various SS amps and prior tube amps. Description. A fully "in spec" A23 won’t ever get more than mildly warm, even when pushed fairly hard into a nominal 4 Ohm load (air circulation normal). (I suspect that the A23 could not handle the low impedances of the Vandersteens without distorting, which tells me that the power supply is an inadequate design) And why? More volume, more bass more hadroom, but also more bzzz from speakers but not something that make you hear it from sofa. I ended up replacing the A23 with a Schiit Vidar for half its price and haven't looked back. Same sound from a23 and 2125 v2, same volume same every thing so pay more ? Included in this system is a NOS (new old stock) Parasound A23 power amp. Any input would be much appreciated. Parasound A23 + P3 vs. NAD C372 Sign in to follow this . It would be around $500 at cost. J. jae Senior Member. I did audition me Venere 2.0 books against many other books. Followers 0. Ver Tema - parasound a23 vs holimar amf 150. I'm really glad to see all the activity on this thread today, thrilled to see Gene chime in. The Bass Management of the pre and the DAC section all are good additions to a stereo preamp. I have a PAIR of the A23 power amps and the P5 pre. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Búsqueda avanzada. A23+ är en tvåkanalsförstärkare med 2x160w vid 8 Ω Parasound A23+ är uppföljaren till Parasound A23. The A23+ runs class A up to 3 watts or so (according to Parasound) and I don't think I exceed that by much too often. Parasound A23, if your A23 is running HOT it’s either deficient (a defective part, or circuit improperly repaired or altered), or it is extremely confined and without normal free air circulation.