Go over what they should do if a stranger should try to approach them. STRANGER DANGER--Freddy You and Freddy were in a park,just taking a peaceful walk. Time to Fight Back Sometimes the only choice a child has is to fight back. The cards can be used in individual, small and/or large group ac Other approaches include offering your child a ride home or telling him a family member is sick or has been in an accident. A statement issued by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) titled “Stranger-Danger” Warnings Not Effective at Keeping Kids Safer calls the phrase “an outdated and misleading message” and clearly explains its stance: “The NCMEC does not support the “stranger danger” message. Go over "what if" scenarios. Let's get ice cream!" This subject is made into an easier process when a fun role playing activity is used. See more ideas about social skills, stranger danger, social skills groups. Send your child, even as young as six (or whatever age you’re ready to allow him to walk in the neighborhood alone) on a short trip by himself or herself, if possible, perhaps to mail a letter down the block or buy a simple item at the corner store. The sun was shining,birds were singing,the whole day was just perfect. “Play through different scenarios,” urges Dr. Benoit. Jul 26, 2019 - Explore Ashley Ann's board "Stranger danger", followed by 322 people on Pinterest. Act Out Stranger Danger. You squeaked. Role playing is a reliable, nonthreatening method of introducing safety to your child. How to Role Play Stranger Danger with Your Kids. Why not create a 'Buddy System'? With the help of your friends, you can together be stranger danger safe. The My Child Safety website identifies offering candy and asking for help finding a lost animal as the two most common ruses strangers use to approach children 2. Ask your child to come up with some of these different scenarios. This worksheet suggests some self defence actions that children can take to try and buy themselves some more time or even escape. Welcome to our stranger danger safety section. "Freddy! For example, "What if you are at the park and someone asks you if you want to walk their dog?" These task cards present twelve different stranger danger scenarios. Our ‘stranger danger’ printables are offered freely and in good faith. Role playing ‘stranger danger’ scenarios gives children the confidence to be loud and assertive when they genuinely need to be. These stranger danger activities are a must for your classroom! Role play what your child should do in stranger danger situations. FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios. This will get the brain cells firing. Rehearse over and over so that it becomes second-nature for a child with tired legs in the heat to run in the opposite direction when a stranger offers a ride in his air-conditioned car. The subject of teaching stranger danger to preschoolers can be a scary topic for young children to learn and understand. In the distance,the music of an ice cream truck could be heard. There are worksheets that can be used to help preschoolers understand about stranger danger as well. Just like the two of us, we help each other whenever we are out. Students are asked to read the cards and then decide if the situation describes a 'safe' or 'sorry' action. When out and about, you need to always take care and be aware of strangers. They are also asked to provide reasons for their answers.